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Understanding Property Deeds

St George property deeds are legal instruments that transfer some property right in real estate. A deed contains three distinct pieces of information: a signature from the individual who is transferring property, the names of all parties involved, and a description of the property being transferred. Deed Types There are different types of St George […]

10 Best Kept Secrets for Buying a Home – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the Saint George home buyer article 10 Best Kept Secrets for Buying a Home – Part 1. Let Instinct Influence Your Purchase – Not Emotion You’re in for heartache if you let emotion be the driving factor to purchasing a home. As a Saint George home buyer, remember that […]

10 Best Kept Secrets for Buying a Home – Part 1

Every St George home buyer needs to remember these 10 things before purchasing a house. Don’t Move Your Money There’s no need to take risks as a St George home buyer with your credit profile by prematurely moving your money around and making an enormous purchase. In order to get you the best loan they […]

6 Home Buying Tips For The Current Market

Have realistic expectations about finding hidden gems In most areas, all of the properties that are currently for sale have been canvased and crawled before you found out about them, particularly in the rising St George home market. Make sure that your expectations are realistic. If you keep looking and looking for that one amazing […]

7 Important Things to Know About Property Titles

Property titles are essential to any real estate transaction for a number of reasons. Here are 7 things about St George property titles that you should know. Ownership is Proven Through Titles St George property titles act as records of ownership. Informal contracts or deeds that haven’t been filed won’t be recognized without a title. […]

How to Search Property Records & Why It’s Important

Exploring St George property records often becomes a necessary exercise when you’re in the market for a new property as well as in other scenarios that call for it. Public records can provide a lot of information on the history and status of any property of interest. So what exactly will St George property records […]

5 Things a Title Search Can Tell You About a Property

Obtaining a Certificate of Title by conducting a St George title search is recommended and/or required in numerous situations, such as when refinancing a mortgage, when proving ownership, when selling or buying property, and more. A Certificate of Title (CT) is a record of land ownership. It includes legal and public information concerning restrictions and […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Title Insurance-Part 2

This article is a continuation of the Saint George UT title insurance post A Beginner’s Guide to Title Insurance – Part 2. In Part 1 we established the nature and importance of Saint George UT title insurance. Now we’ll discuss how to go about acquiring it and the process behind being covered. Disclaimer: Remember that […]

Eagle Gate History

A LOOK BACK IN TIME ON OUR HISTORY Every business has a story behind it. Some are better than others, and I believe ours is right up there near the top. You may wonder where the “Eagle Gate” comes from and it’s actually a really cool story that is cemented in the history of Utah. […]

What You Need To Know About Life Estate Deeds and Property Titles

The transfer of a property from one owner to another is accomplished by way of three different kinds of deeds: a quitclaim deed, a special warranty deed, and a general warranty deed. There are specific benefits that accompany each deed type, such as the quick release of property rights without needing to provide warranties (quitclaim) […]


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