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3 Freaky Reasons Why CC&R’s In St. George Can Get You Fired

New to the neighborhood, I thought I’d attend the monthly HOA (Home Owners’ Association) meeting.  After all, an HOA is a new thing for me, and I wanted to introduce myself, meet some of my neighbors, and make a good first impression.  I also wanted to find out if all the bad things my friends told me about HOAs were true.

The Board members read the minutes from the last meeting and shifted to tonight’s agenda.  “Anyone have input on CC&Rs?” Well, this one is easy, I thought. I spoke up, “My favorite oldies band!  John Fogerty, Proud Mary, great stuff!” Some members laughed a little, and others just glared at the innocent smile on my face.  One said, “Not CCR, CC&Rs.” “Oh, of course,” I uttered. I felt dumb and embarrassed. Then, a shocking dialogue ensued, and I learned the good, bad, and the ugly about CC&Rs.  This article presents three reasons why CC&Rs in St. George can get you fired.

What Are CC&Rs?

First, let me define CC&Rs.  The abbreviation stands for Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.  If you live in a house that’s part of an HOA, you have to agree to abide by the CCRs, which are designed to enhance property values and safety in the neighborhood.  They are rules that tell you what you can and can’t do with your property. Common examples include what kind of pets you may keep, where you may park, and what color you may paint your house.  If you rebel against the CC&Rs in St. George, any of the following can happen.

The Size Of Your Dog

1. Many CC&Rs in St. George limit the size of your dog.  That’s why you see plenty of folks in HOA communities, walking their ankle-biting Shitzus and Yorkshires.  Rarely will you see a 100-pound Labrador or Rottweiler. The reasoning is that they can be destructive to fences, graphically violent to people, especially children, and, as Donald Trump would say, “Their poops are huge!”  If you ignore this CC&R in St. George, the HOA can ban you from the facilities, such as swimming pool and clubhouse.  Then if you are caught using the pool, they can call Police because you longer had the legal right to the pool.  This citation or arrest is usually posted online, and if your boss gets wind of it, you could be fired for the misdemeanor.

What Color To Paint Your House

2. Another common CC&R restricts how you can paint or “beautify” your house.  One guy I know was from California, so he was accustomed to the many colors of stucco houses, commonly seen in California cities.  He painted his house a soft orange, lighter than salmon, kinda peachy. Not only did the HOA fine him, but also two neighbors made death threats.  Had he not returned the stucco back to boring beige, there very well may have been some vandalism or fist fights, which could definitely cause you to lose your job, especially if a weapon or serious injury is involved.

Where You Park

3. Most HOAs are enclosed developments with narrow streets, so parking on the street is often prohibited.  The CC&Rs in St. George typically don’t allow using your garage as a storage unit.  They’ll tell you it’s a fire hazard and attracts vermin, which are debatable, of course.  But, it is nicer driving around the community, not having to avoid cars in narrow passages.  And certainly, emergency vehicles have better access, too. If you continue to ignore this one, the HOA can file a lawsuit against you, forcing you to park the car in your garage.  Continued noncompliance can lead to arrest and more bad PR for your job or business.

3 Freaky Reasons Why CC&R’s In St. George Can Get You Fired

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