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6 Home Buying Tips For The Current Market

Have realistic expectations about finding hidden gems

In most areas, all of the properties that are currently for sale have been canvased and crawled before you found out about them, particularly in the rising St George home market. Make sure that your expectations are realistic. If you keep looking and looking for that one amazing bargain while overlooking ideal options in the process, chances are you will find yourself exhausted, discouraged, and frustrated. Focusing on hidden gems is usually a time waster.

Be The First to Make an Offer

The St George home market is booming and you want to do your best to always be ready to pounce with an offer on a new listing that you find appealing. Affordable houses are often hard to come by because they get taken so quickly. If you want to get a head of the competition and give yourself an advantage, visit property listing sites online and sign up for alerts. You customize your own criteria so you’ll know the moment and ideal home becomes available. Another thing you can do is get yourself a realtor who is proactive, knows the St George home market, and will help you make first offers. Try and find one who is part of a good firm because they often get preferential treatment from fellow realtors who also work in similar renown firms.

Don’t Count Out Multi-Family Homes

There is a very good reason why exploring multi-family homes is a really good option, even if it’s not what you were originally looking for, particularly for first-time home owners. When you own a multi- family home, it is often as affordable as renting. Purchasing a home with multiple units allows you to live in one and rent out the others, driving down your personal mortgage cost as you’ll have money being provided by tenants.

Pay Attention During The Off-Peak Seasons

Buyer’s markets begin to emerge during the winter months as the market slows down. This means that, generally, sellers in the St George home market tend to be more open to negotiation during this time. Being active as a buyer during off-peak seasons also helps you to bypass the hectic spring St George home market which is usually accompanied by stress as well as aggressive bidding wars.

Look Off The Beaten Path

Be sure to consider homes for sale in nearby cities and not only major metropolitan areas. Searching in non-brand name towns (as they are sometimes called) almost always have lower housing costs. This is due to the fact that these areas have a much lower public profile and don’t get as much real estate attention as the bigger areas in the St George home market. If you’re looking for a the best deal you can find, you’re more likely to find it in these areas.

Being Aggressive is a Must

Being aggressive means that you are alert at all times, that your dedication to finding the right property for you in the St George home market is resulting in first offers. Setting up alerts and notifications as mentioned above is part of being aggressive, as is talking with people often, discovering and digging for information. Ask everyone you know if they are aware of properties for sale. Facebook and other social media sites have real estate-related groups you can join. Do everything you can and don’t give up. Even if you feel like you don’t have a large enough income to become a homeowner, it can still happen with proper patience and time. Check your credit and get pre-approved for a loan and start searching.

And, as usual, contact a representative from Eagle Gate Title for answers to questions about the St George home market and we’ll help you in any way that we can.

6 Home Buying Tips For The Current Market

St. George Home Market

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